PeachTravelingSchool is the new way to learn Spanish traveling around Andalusia

Get completely immersed in the Spanish language and culture. A unique way to visit this beautiful southern region of Spain where people understand what ́Art of Living ́ means.

Come with us and go on an unforgettable tour through Andalusia, where you can totally immerse in the language and the culture. There is no better way to learn Spanish and thereby know the true essence of Andalusia. We take you all around Andalusia and show you its striking beauty!

The program is specially designed for the real traveler, despite your age. Not within the walls of a traditional school, but outside in the open nature, that is our motto. With an experienced guide, who is also your teacher, you travel through Andalusia´s biggest coastal cities as well as through authentic villages. You are going to experience Andalusia as you never would have imagined.

There are also many activities. Learn for example how you make traditional Spanish bread and gazpacho, go cycling through Seville and enjoy the scenery at the beach of Tarifa.

Our students opinion

”It was nice to stay in hotels but also have the opportunity to talk to ‘natives’ in the host families.”
-Hein, The Netherlands

”I liked the professionalism of the teachers and learning Spanish in lots of different places.”
-Amélie, Switzerland

“If you can relate something you learn to an experience, it´s much easier to remember and to use yourself in practise later on.”
-Martijn, The Netherlands

“…I also enjoyed that we were able to choose between some activities, which would not have been that easy in a bigger group… ”
-Sophia, Germany


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