GGTO Guarantee

To comply with the legal obligation to guarantee the funds of the clients, our company (Peach Travels BV) offers the GGTO Guarantee on all travel packages (except sole accommodation or flight tickets).

The Guarantee Fund GGTO guarantees travellers that they will be recompensed any monies paid out on trips and, as necessary, their return fares will be reimbursed, in the event that the concerned tour operator, affiliated to us, declares financial insolvency. It is a comforting feeling indeed when you book your trip through one of our affiliated tour operators. Guaranteed travelling!

Moreover, the Guarantee Fund GGTO underwrites your return trip for the lenght of your stay if the tour operator, due to financial insolvency, can no longer take responsibility for this.

Details of this compensation are given in our Guarantee Scheme:  Guarantee Scheme (pdf)

Every package holiday dealer is legally required to provide a guarantee scheme such as this one (Civil Code 7 Article 7:512)

Client contribution

Our company (Peach Travels BV) charges each traveller a client contribution of €15 per booking for this guarantee scheme. These contributions are paid to the GGTO enabling the guarantee fund to be built up and mantained