Own Teaching Method

The teaching method we use was specifically developed for the PeachTravelingSchool itinerary in collaboration with our partner school certified by the prestigious Instituto Cervantes*. You will be accompanied 24/7 by a professional and experienced Spanish teacher who will impart 15 classes of Spanish per week (3 per day in 5 days), exactly as in a traditional language school, but with a unique method specifically adapted to our traveling program. During the itinerary you will learn Spanish during the 15 ´official´ lessons per week, where we will focus on all 4 skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking, plus all the extra hours during the bus rides, activities, excursions and meals listening to cultural lectures and explanations about the sites we will visit, making conversation with our teacher, group assistant and of course the local people and practicing your Spanish in all sorts of real life situations.

In 2 weeks you will be practicing Spanish for about 200 hours, as the teacher will be your guide and all activities and excursions will become practical Spanish lessons. Our staff is always there at your disposal to make everything work perfectly and make conversation with you at any time during the program.

The method is specifically developed for A2/B1 level (Elementary/ Intermediate). However the method is appropriate for a variation of levels, due to the type of exercises and assignment that will be adapted to the various levels. For students with a lower level we would recommend taking lessons in our partner school or do some study before entering the program to make the most of the program. Students with a much higher level can be accepted on the program under the condition that they are well informed and fully aware that the method was specifically designed for an A2/B1 level, but as they can practice their skills in all the ´outside-­‐of-­‐class´ lessons, the program can be very interesting for them too.

*In collaboration with OnSpain accredited by Instiuto Cervantes