The Program

This program is intended for all people with a “traveler” spirit, whatever their age, wanting to learn Spanish in Spain in a different way: studying outdoors rather than within the four walls of a traditional school. Having authentic and local experiences every day, discovering unique treasures of nature, meeting extraordinary people,traveling scenic routes, tasting and learning about the local natural products and gastronomy, visiting the most beautiful cities and charming, traditional villages. It’s about living a unique and unforgettable experience in the southern region of Spain where people understand what ´Art of Living´ means: Andalusia.

You will be accompanied 24/7 by a professional and experienced Spanish Teacher, who will impart 15 classes of Spanish per week (3 per day in 5 days). Furthermore, throughout the entire tour you will practice Spanish many more hours in addition to the ´official´ class time, as the teacher will be your guide and all activities and excursions will become practical Spanish lessons. Our staff is always there at your disposal to make everything work perfectly and make conversation with you at any time during the program.

You will be accommodated in charming and authentic places, without being luxury hotels  but having all the comfort you need to feel relaxed after a day of activities and excursions.

During the itinerary, in our private bus and on foot, you will discover the most beautiful landscapes of Andalusia with spectacular views, and its most beautiful cities and villages. All walking routes are easily achievable for any hiker with a normal physical condition. But in any case, our bus is always available for the more ´lazy´ ones among us. The important thing for us is not the number of kilometers traveled but enjoying the incredible beauty of the places you will visit.

Imagine to behold the wonderful sunrises from the coastal towns, meet with artisans on the route of the white villages, you can be horse-riding along the beaches of Tarifa, discover Seville by bike, learn how to prepare your own bread, cheese and gazpacho with your own hands, and take your Spanish classes in unique and delightful places.

You will improve your Spanish and live the authentic Andalusia like you would have never imagined before!

What makes us different?

Why choose to travel and learn Spanish with Peach Traveling School?

  1. Complete immersion in the language, the culture and the country
    You will not only travel through Andalusia, but you will learn the language, practicing with local people, studying in different places and circumstances and traveling with one of our experienced teachers. You will also get to know the local culture much better this way, as we´ll be visiting extraordinary places and we´ll meet unique people who are proud to share their culture with you.
  2. Spanish classes in a different place every day
    Instead of learning Spanish within the 4 walls of a classroom, you will be learning Spanish on the move. This can be inside as well as outside and we will learn through books, as well as through experience.
  3. Up to 200 hours of Spanish
    Besides the 3 lessons per day, you will have up to 200 hours of practicing Spanish in a 2-week program! Our teacher will be with you 24/7 and every activity and excursion will be converted in a practical class.
  4. Teacher travels with the group
    Our accredited teachers have experience being a teacher/guide for foreigners and they will be with you all the way, always available for your questions and doubts.
  5. Own teaching method adapted to the itinerary
    You will be working with a method that is especially created for this specific program. You will be learning Spanish in real-life situations, becoming fluent due to the fact that it´s a total immersion program.
  6. Quality guaranteed
    The method was developed in collaboration with our partner Spanish language school accredited by Instituto Cervantes
  7. Local, authentic experiences
    You will visit the hidden beauties of Andalusia and get to know some of the best-kept secrets, you wouldn’t find on your own.